Hello Kigali

Hello Kigali is a free city discovery guide for restaurants, cafes, WiFi, and more. Explore, collect badges, and rate your favorite sites as you pick what is 'Best of Kigali.' The WiFi indicator is perfect for anyone new to Kigali, Rwanda, and seeking the best restaurants and cafes to visit and get some work done.

Find Restaurants, Cafes, Shopping & More

Hello Kigali is a 'discovery' app for sites in Kigali. It was first designed to tap around and discover new sites. Hello, Kigali 2.0 has a rating system that allows users to tell us what is the 'best' in Kigali.

WiFi Indicator

One of the core features of Hello Kigali is the 'WiFi Indicator.' This feature is excellent for anyone that is looking for a cafe or site and wants to check if they have WiFi.

Local Data Storage & Cloud Syncing

All data is stored locally on your device but often syncs with our servers in the cloud to keep the sites up-to-date. It automatically checks daily.

User Badges and Awards

In the Hello Kigali App, badges are rewards players can earn for checking-into various sites around Kigali. Once a badge is earned, it will remain on that user's Badge List. Other badges may be unique to an event or date.

at Nyurah
at Great Hotel Kiyovu
at Great Hotel Kiyovu
at Rooftop Ikawa Cafe & Tech Lab
at Rooftop Ikawa Cafe & Tech Lab
at Chez John

Best Of Kigali Awards-Voted by Hello Kigali Users

In the Hello Kigali App, users can vote on what is the 'Best of Kigali.' Find out who has the best burgers, coffee, services, and more in the Hello Kigali App!

Badge graphic.
Badge graphic.
View of Kigali
Eagle View Lodge
Badge graphic.
Pâtisserie Royale
Badge graphic.
Boogaloo Lounge
Badge graphic.
Vegetarian Food
Meza Malonga
Badge graphic.
Rooftop Ikawa Cafe & Tech Lab
Badge graphic.
Shooters Lounge
Badge graphic.
Pakistani Food
Lahori Restaurant

Hello Kigali App - Designed Kigali, Rwanda

"Starting in 2014, spending a couple of years in Kigali and talking with people new to the city, I could see that there was a frustration for many - they needed help knowing where to find stable WiFi and an environment to work. Soon after, they also wanted to know where the best restaurants and other sites were. At the time, I was mentoring software startups in Kigali, Rwanda. I needed a good example to show how quickly an app can be designed and launched. From that, Hello Kigali City Guide was born." - Rob Rickard, Director of the Rwanda Build Program.

Hello Kigali & Rwanda Build Program

Working with teams in the software accelerator, Rwanda Build Program (RWBuild), we are transforming the Hello Kigali App into much more than the original city discovery app. We plan to take this App and co-develop with many other services in our RWBuild Murugo Cloud ecosystem. We have a lot of great ideas to add and would love to hear from you on what you want to see this App do. Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts or any new/updated site locations and information.

More Info about the Rwandan Startup Accelerator RWBuild: www.RwandaBuildProgram.com

Hello Kigali 2017 Android Launch

As part of the Rwanda Build Program, Rwandan software developers took the simple 2014 iPhone App and built the Andriod version. Both iPhone and Android are now available for download. From 2017 to its current version, we always hope to have the same features and ability in both the iPhone and Andriod versions.

Hello Kigali 2.0 Launch

In 2020 we launch Hello Kigali version 2. This new version has social features, ratings, and we introduced Kigali' Best Of' function for users to vote on what they feel is the best of Kigali. Users get to pick what restaurants have the best burgers, pizzas, coffee, services, and more. We also launched Hello Kigali 2.0 as part of the Murugo Cloud ecosystem allowing users to log in with their Murugo User.